"Speak tenderly to them. Let there be kindness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile, in the warmth of your greeting. Always have a cheerful smile. Don't only give your care, but give your heart as well." (Mother Teresa)

Our five main areas of support have been very fruitful and we thank you for helping us make this possible.

1) Education Support: through our Scholarships for a Poor Student, Free English and Computer Class, Virtual Online Class programs

2) Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Health Support: through our Christmas Care Package, Sponsor a Child, Meals for the Poor (Quán Cơm Nhân Ái), and Medical Missions & Services programs

3) Environment and Safety Support: through our Building a New Home for the Poor, Orphanages and School remodeling, and Clean Water Systems programs programs

4) Youth Character Development: Provide opportunities and encourage youth both in the USA and in Vietnam to join MOL and participate in MOL’s programs and create and be active in philanthropist projects of their own.

5) Special Projects: Provided based on donor’s special request.

Messengers of Love always strives to make our services even more effective by continuously assessing the needs of the people we serve, focusing in on areas with critical needs and adding services that increase the value of our programs. Thus, we have added three new programs recently:

  • Started in 2018, Summer School for Vietnamese and ethnic minority children
  • Started in 2019, Medical mission to Vietnam
  • Started in 2019, Virtual Online Classes to teach children English, Work Skills and Character building using technology such as the internet and computer.

Past Programs and Services updates

We are happy to report that in the last 15 years, with the support of many, MOL's mission was accomplished through many of its programs and services. Our journey of love from 2004 - 2019 includes the following accomplishments:

Christmas & Lunar New Year Care Package
  • Orphans, poor children, lepers, hospital patients and poor adults from 29 villages and 30 orphanages in Vietnam, including 2 orphanages in Cambodia and India have received a total of 43,750 Holiday Care Packages including food, rice, milk, new clothes, toiletries, blanket (for flood victims) toys (for the children).
  • Christmas Care Package were given to 1850 adults and children who suffered from the floods in Central Vietnam.
  • Lunar New Year food and gifts were given to 600 elderlies at the Home for the Elders of Vung Tau Vietnam.
  • New Year gifts which included rice, noodles, sugar, cooking oil, and other daily essentials were given to 1500 poor and handicapped families of Kontum and Pleiku.
  • New Year gifts, meals, soap, blankets, and other essentials were given to130 ex-lepers (“nguoi cui”) and their children in Kontum.
Scholarships for a Poor Student
  • 1550 scholarships were given to the poor children in need. 31 students have graduated from college and are currently working. 19 are currently enrolled in college.
  • Provide school uniforms for 900 children of Pleiku and Suoi Thong of Da Lat.
Sponsor a Child
  • Found sponsors/adoptive parents for 35 orphans.
  • Sponsored and provided tuition and boarding scholarship for 5 orphaned girls from St Joseph Orphanage to attend the Vietnamese American Private High School (Nam My HS) in Saigon.
Meals for the Poor
  • Over 4000 meals were served to poor village children via “meal for a child” program and to poor hospital patients at our “Quán Cơm Nhân Ái” charity restaurant.
Medical Missions & Services programs
  • MOL held two Medical missions, one last year and one this year, where teams of medical doctors and nurses served and treated over 100 patients each time.
  • Mobile clinic and housing for patients were bought for patients from remote villages to stay close to city hospital. Thousands of patients were given nutritious meals, supplements and medicine.
  • MOL partnered with major US hospitals and brought 3 handicapped and orphaned children to the USA for medical operations. One is adopted by MOL’s president Theresa Tran and currently attending UT Austin. Two had returned to Vietnam, is working in Saigon, one is enrolled in college.
Building a New Home for the Poor
  • MOL had provided safe shelter for many families and children. We built a total of 52 new homes for 52 families
  • Built a house for blind people of Hue
Orphanages and School remodeling
  • MOL rebuilt and remodeled 3 run down village schools, built 3 new dining halls for three rural schools, expanded two village roads for safe bicycling, remodeled 1 run down orphanage.
Clean Water Systems
  • MOL dug 22 wells for poor villages and built 7 clean water systems to serve 7 villages.
Free English, Work Skills and Computer Class
  • Each summer since 2018, over 800 underprivileged and ethic minority children of Vietnam, age range: 7 - 18 from 8 villages in north and central Vietnam were taught English and various school subjects, Character Building, Workforce skills, were provided role model, hope and vision through its newly implemented Summer School Program.
Virtual Online Class
  • Our Virtual Class website is currently being built with complete tools and lessons required to successfully teach online via the Internet. Audio/video equipment for our first class had been purchased and delivered to Vietnam and plan for installation is within the next month. We plan to open our first class in Thanh Hoa by the end of January 2020.
Special projects:
  • Assisted funding for one acre of cashew farm for the ethnic people of Kontum.
  • Remodeled a run down church in a small village of North Vietnam.
  • End of School Year picnic and outings for 75 children from 2 orphanages.
  • “Trung Thu” (“Mid Autumn Moon Festival”) gifts for 125 children from three orphanages
Youth Character Development
  • There is a Messengers of Love Youth group that consists of over 50 High School students’ members in Houston. This group has been working on fundraising and volunteering to help MOL toward achieving its mission for the last 8 years.
  • There are currently two Messengers of Love Youth groups in Vietnam, one in Central and one in North Vietnam. They have projects of their own implemented in their own villages such as giving food to the poor during Tet, visiting the disables, etc.
  • As of 2019, MOL has been approved to be included in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) list for consecutive 8 year.
  • In August 2019, MOL was chosen to receive the support award from the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA). Vietnamese Student Associations (VSA) in North America and Canada will be supporting, campaigning and fundraising for MOL exclusively this coming year.
  • MOL held a total of 9 Christmas charity galas and attended many festivals and community gatherings to raise funds and awareness about MOL’s programs and services.
Trips to Vietnam
  • Each year, MOL’s president and some of the board members travel to Vietnam to oversee/assess its programs and also volunteer to teach in our Summer School program as well visit orphanages and giving gifts and scholarships.
  • Messengers of Love members have made a total of 21 trips to Vietnam to visit the orphans and the poor, and to oversee the building and remodeling of schools and orphanages. Our local Vietnam Messengers of Love group also makes many trips per year to the poor and handicapped in various locations throughout Vietnam to give food, gifts and medicine.
Local Community Service
  • Besides helping the orphans, the poor and the handicapped of Vietnam, we regularly serve the local community in Houston, Texas by visiting nursing home, feed the homeless, providing Christmas gifts for the homeless and the poor children, and volunteering in charity organizations and projects.

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